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“Sachin has provided insight into where there are opportunities to be more effective as a sales team in managing our renewals. We plan to use his services again in the near future and look forward to working with him”
– Board Member, Financial Times UK

“Sachin continuously looks for ways to improve the processes, educate the staff as well as senior management and to create an environment of continuous improvement. I know him to be a very hard working person of high integrity and a strong and focussed worth ethic.” 
– Managing Director, McKesson UK 

“Sachin has almost natural competence within Six Sigma, he retains a clear roadmap in his head, and always knows where to head next. In corporate life where so many projects fail because they are not driven properly by the project leader, having Sachin on board will ensure that projects are driven forward and completed, so that the company may enjoy the benefit in the end.” 
– Finance Manager, Recall Denmark 

“What Sachin doesn’t know about the Six Sigma methodology probably isn’t worth knowing. He regularly received plaudits from his sponsors for the quality of the analysis and proposed ways forward.” 
– PMO Manager, McKesson UK  

“Sachin’s thorough understanding of technology and quality makes him a key player in any team. Sachin has successfully done multiple quality projects with six sigma rigour at GE and has won accolades for the same. Sachin has very good communication skills and can get points and thoughts across to the recipients very well, his skills and background thus makes him highly recommendable for projects and initiatives focused on technology, quality and process improvement. 
– Senior Manager, GE Corporate