Customer Experience

Customer Experience is more than important. It’s essential. It’s essential because most businesses don’t really understand why their customers buy from them. More importantly, most businesses don’t understand why other potential customers don’t… 
Our approach is uniquely ‘full-service’. This means we join up customer strategy, experience measurement, feedback mechanism and frontend processes. By connecting the dots, our clients delight their customers more frequently and achieve their commercial goals more easily.

Our offerings under Customer Experience consultancy:
Baseline current customer experience
– Identify key steps to improve customer experience
– Improve your processes to deliver enhanced customer experience

Operational EXCELLENCE

Sustainability is moving from the periphery to the heart of business and government, becoming a lever of operational excellence.

As that transition occurs, organisations need to transform their operations and, in some cases, their business models to fully integrate sustainability initiatives across the teams. We use field-tested improvement methodologies to help organisations integrate sustainability into the fabric of their strategies and operating models which ultimately enables high performance.

Key differentiators for our Operation Excellence engagement are:
Self-sustainable solutions
Value-driven process optimisation
– Drive Outcome rather than actions
– Focuses on user engagement and adoption


Learning & Development

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. The core of our training is the application of the tools and concepts learned.

As we live by “Outcomes”, we do not believe in just training someone. We believe in taking the participants through to journey of learning and making them confident and proficient in the practical application of the training. We coach and mentor our trainees till they are confident in doing it alone.

Our training offering includes:
Lean Six Sigma Training (Yellow, Green and Black Belt)
Project Management training
Change Management training
– Executive coaching